Dear World.

Dear World

Dear World,

I once dared you to take your best shot at me and you have. You have left me broken, beaten to my knees.

You win World, you win.

I am slowly, but surely, losing my will to fight; to carry on. You have somehow managed to break my once strong, feisty spirit into nothing but despair.

So I must congratulate you, World. You can officially add my name to your long list of The Faded.

I fought and I struggled. I smiled and pretended I was okay. I tried my best not to drown in my ocean of emotions but once again, my best efforts just weren’t good enough.

You have brought me to my lowest low, kicked me while I was down and left me there to fend for myself.

But, even though I may not believe it now, one day I will have the courage to fight back.

Oh, and dear World, best you get ready for one hell of a war.


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