Hey you! Yes, you with the good looking face. What do you think you are doing all up in blog?
Shhh… I think I know what you are going to say: You want to join my crew of blogging bandits – breaking the laws of the English world, waking up the neighbours with our evil laughter, living life dangerously. I don’t blame you. As the Master, I can truthful say that we are all completely nutty here so you should fit right in. Fear not, your time as a T.O.T imposter can soon come to an end!

IMG-20120303-00688My house rules:
1. You have to FOLLOW me. What? Yes, you heard me. You were caught red hand trespassing my land so pay up imposter! Click that FOLLOW button. It won’t kill you, I promise.
2. Now that you have join my honourable guest list of fellow V.I.P followers, this super cool blog becomes your play ground – comment, share, like, be merry.
3. We like to party here so buckle up because you are in for one hell of a ride.

All new followers please repeat the T.O.T oath out loud:
“I, *state your full name (yes, all 27 middle names are to be included)*, solemnly swear to remain as crazy and truly wonderful as before my new T.O.T adventure as I join the ever so mighty Angie on her journey of wanderlust and laughter. I will also do everything in my power to help her achieve world domination and conquer the hearts of many. Ooh eeh ah aah ting tang walla walla bing bang.”

It is good to have you on board.
Feel free to feast your eyes and read until the sun don’t shine no more.

15 responses to “THIS IS NOT A TRAP

    • Tehe, why thank you! I am glad it is the goodcrazy 😛 Life is too short to be boring.
      Ah! I will now have that song stuck in my head for weeks! Thanks for that. 😉

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