Bungla Road…

Bungla roadBungla road has had its way with me. There is only one way to describe last night – insane. Casey (our awesome tour guide) had warned us that the alcohol in Thailand is stronger than back home. I wish I had listened. I have never experienced anything quite like that before. Here is what I actually remember from my first encounter with Bungla road:

Bungla road sign

You know ish is going to get real once you walk under this bad boy of a sign. Don’t let its innocent holiday vibes fool you.

As soon as you step past the huge sign at the beginning of Bunlga road, you enter another world filled with pole dancers, alcohol, crazy locals and lady boys. Casey took us to a place where you get 6 tequila shots for 100Baht. That is a whole lot of poison for next to nothing. While walking to this bar, I was whipped by several locals and sexually assaulted by an old Asian lady who ran up to me, jiggled my boob and ran off giggling. This was just a mere taster of my night ahead.

Clara and I drinking buckets

Meet Clara – my partner in crime. Just in case you were wondering, we are sipping on one of Thailand’s infamous buckets that consists of super concentrated Redbull and roughly 9 shots of who knows what.

A few tequilas and a bucket or two later, Clara (my roomie) and I were literally bouncing up and down Bungla road. We had left everyone else at the bar while missioning about a country we had just arrived in. I remember we had found a bar with only one other person in it – the bartender – and a mechanical bull. The bartender had politely notified us that the bull was out of order but that didn’t stop Clara and I from riding that bad boy like we were some other kind of rodeo movie. After that… or before that… I don’t even know but Clara and I found ourselves with yet another drink in our hands as we waited in sweet anticipation for the Ping Pong show to begin. Yeah, it’s one of those shows that everyone warns you NOT to go to when in Thailand. Let’s just say that watching someone drop live birds, toads and needles out their vagina isn’t something I need to watch again. Ever. I shall spare you the details. All I can say is thank goodness my brain has been acquainted with  quite a bit of alcohol before I experienced this unique Thai pastime.


I actually remember taking this photo. I couldn’t have been in a very healthy state of mind considering I wouldn’t usually take a pouty photo with a dead head. I guess the tequila is to blame.

The night went downhill from there. The one moment I was having mint shots with some old guy and the next I was waking up in my hotel room. I lost my shoes last night and my camera had been handed into reception (Thank the dear Lord). From what I was told over breakfast (which was a delicious buffet that consisted of 3 helpings of bacon) I was found with the police (I am still debating whether this claim is true or not), Clara and I didn’t pay our poor Tuk-Tuk driver and at some stage of the night, everyone was gathered in our hotel bathroom. Oh, this was all before my roomie and I also gave the pole dancing a shot. I would like to think that that would explain some of the bruises we found on our bodies this morning. Clara probably also contributed to my blue reminders of last night as she dragged my blacked out behind off of the Tuk – tuk. The hotel staff were also giggled at me this morning as I devoured my bacon. I don’t think I could have made a better first impression even if I tried. 😉 When in Thailand I guess… #NoRegrets.

Will I be drinking again on this tour? Probably. Will I be drinking just as much? Not a chance.




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