Island to Island

island to islandBoat and island

We went island hopping today. Sitting in front of a speed boat with the wind blowing through my extremely knotted hair did wonders for my sore head and nauseous belly. Never have I had a hangover quite like this one. Enough with my pity party though. Let’s get back to what really matters – the breath taking islands. No matter how great my English is or how skilled I am at describing scenery, my words simplify won’t do the beauty of those islands any justice. Sadly, neither does my camera. You would have to be there with me to understand fully how mesmerising the whole atmosphere is. I get chills just thinking back to it.

One quick thing before we get to the island hoping – I would like to announce something huge – I am a mommy. Yes, you read right, my contiki group and I adopted a gibbon named Jed. When he was rescued, he was found in baby clothes. Unfortunately some of the locals use these little guys as a tourist trap – they charge you for holding/ touching this innocent creatures. Most tourist don’t realise that these little creatures are often drugged and have had their claws and teeth removed. My group and I may not be able to save them all but at least Jed will be better off now. I sure  hope I will never find any of you supporting this twisted tourist trap.

james bond rockFor all you James Bond fanatics, I would just like to brag about the fact that I visited the island and glorious rock that features in the movie, ‘The man with the golden gun’. I have walked the same beach as James Bond. How many of you can say that? Bragging rights aside, I was a little put off by how touristy that particular island was. I understand that the Thais are cashing in on the fame of their island ( and I guess I can’t really blame them) but it would have been nicer if I could swum in the sea without being bombarded by fellow foreigners and their cameras. Oh, it was also on this island that I had no other choice than to use a long drop. At least that is one less thing on my bucket list – using a long drop in Thailand.

Flaoting villageOne of the other islands that stood out to me was the floating village. I forgot the exact name of this little paradise but the lunch we had there really delighted my non- Thai tongue with its battered prawns and amazing fish. There was a school on this floating village – nothing to fancy but a school never the lesson. There were probably less children in this whole school than were in my grade back when I was still in high school. Their education was more marine based than anything. This makes sense considering they are surrounded by the sea and fishing is one of their main forms of income.Another interesting fact about this village is that it was completely man made. There is no natural earth acting as the foundation of this village. That, my friends, deserves a round of applause.

The last island we visit was Naka Island. Jess, the sickest Aussie chick I have ever met, and I went jet skiing here. We took turns driving the jet ski. Things got a bit out of control when I was driving – my inner speed demon came out to play. Let’s just say the one moment we were flying over waves and the next I was holding onto the jet ski for my dear life as Jess clinged onto me for her dear life. We survived so #noRegrets.

We are going to be watching some boxing tonight. A chilled night is exactly what my intoxicated liver ordered. I have been told that the local Tuk – Tuk drivers go crazy here with their betting and gambling. I am quite keen to see this. May the night ahead be a jolly one filled with great knock outs and richer Tuk – Tuk drivers.




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