Crossing the Ocean.

crossing the ocean

I am currently in Hong Kong. If I were still in South Africa, it would be roughly 3am in the morning. I feel as though I have travelled into the future because instead of sleeping, I am eating my 8am muffin while waiting for my next flight. As you can imagine, my body is slightly confused.

On the bright side, I am getting the hang of this whole airport thing. Who knew that all you have to do is ask your help? 😛 One would have thought that I would have brought a watch or my phone or some sort of time-telling device along with me. For a smart girl, leaving my phone in South Africa wasn’t actually that smart. Not knowing that time + having to catch a flight in a place unknown = stress/ anxiety/ thrill.

The fact that I am headed to a foreign country is finally starting to sink in. There is no turning back now. Besides, I am in Hong Kong for crying out loud. If I have learnt one thing this early in my travels, it would be to always know that exchange rate. You know that muffin I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I have no idea how much I actually paid for that bad boy. Maybe it is better that way.

Sleep in airport

This is me taking a ‘lets pretend I am sleeping when I am actually way too excited to sleep’ selfie in the middle of the Hong Kong airport. I guess it was wishful thinking.

Anyways, I am going to try getting a little shut eye before my next flight. Watching 6 movies back to back on my way to Hong Kong wasn’t exactly my best idea ever.

Oh, one more thing, I thought I would confess something to you real quick. I cried before boarding my plane to Hong Kong. Thank goodness I packed my big girl panties huh?

P.s. I will be posting more about my Asian Adventure at random times so stay alert!




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