Live. Love. Laugh.

Live. Love. Laugh

So here I am, sitting in my room late at night with a cup of green tea, trying to get my life together. Sound familiar? Surely I can’t be the only lost soul trying to make bigger decisions than their shoulders can hold.

I have just matriculate – with 5 distinctions might I add. One would think that that would make this year a lot easier with regards to “What should I study?”, “Which university is the one for me?”, “Am I ready to move out?” etc. You couldn’t be more wrong. I have spent countless hours crying over what to do with myself. The pressure and expectations are beyond overwhelming. Heaven forbid I disappoint someone I look up to.

Sure, we all have these gloomy days and we all get a bit scared when it comes to venturing out into the big bad world on our own. No one can predict what this year has to hold. Just like a box of chocolates I guess.

IMG-20131013-WA0017What makes me different?

I crave adventure. I crave to see the world. I crave to live a life full of passion. Even if I ended up living under a bridge, rolling around town in a trolley and treating myself to worms every Sunday, I would be sorted as long as I am happy and living a life of excitement.

I think young adults my age make life changing decisions for the wrong reasons. Yes, we all want to be rich and famous and yes, no one would mind living in a fancy house and owning a first class car but what’s the point if you drive your Ferrari to your boring 9 – 5 job every morning with your lips curled towards the floor and eyes filled with sorrow and resentment?

Some say I am naïve. Others say I’m living with my head above the clouds. I say I still have a rare fighting spirit – one that hasn’t given into the clutches of our messed up, ever-so-controlling and belittling society yet.

Who cares if you disappoint a friend or two? Who cares if you make mistakes? Who cares if people think you are absurd? I sure hope you don’t! This is our chance, as youngsters, to learn how to live passionately and not just how to parrot phrase the anatomy of dolphins in 3 exotic languages.

Do what makes you happy. At the end of the day, your happiness is all that counts.

If studying is for you, don’t let anything stop you – be it a loved one or money problems. Determinations is a power thing.

I don’t know what I will be doing this year but I will keep you posted.


If all else fails, I’ve been told that the stripping industry is thriving. 😉


Be Brave, Be you*





4 responses to “Live. Love. Laugh.

      • Awww, thanks 😀 It’s not my real name, I’ve used it as my artistic alter-ego’s name for ever… It’s actually not even an existing word, my mom made it up for me when she used to drive me to ballet and I would look like a homeless person (a choller is a homeless person in Papiamento, the language spoken on some of the Carribean Islands) so she combined that with the ballerina. I’m glad you like it though 😉

      • Haha riiiiigth! 😛 I think it is quite cool that you have an alter-ego. I have considered creating one myself but I have never really gotten around to it. It is also quite a cool story behind the name!

        Do you still do ballet? I use to do it when I was 8ish. I also stopped when I was 8ish. I remember I use to show off my splitting skills in front of my class. Hehe, those were good times. I can barely touch my knees nowadays – let alone my toes. 😐

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