Who is Angelique Delamere?


That forehead though! It even shines.Let us not even mention those teeth. As you can imagine, I was pulling boys like no other back then.

I am still quite new to the blogging world so I thought it would be a lovely idea to let you know a little more about me.

I won’t bore you all with irrelevant details like where I was born and at what age I want to have kids. I have picked out a few interesting things that I thought would be worth sharing.

I have broken both my arm and my leg before the age of 3. I guess you could say that I was quite the wild child. I still have a scar on my left arm from where I had to get pins placed in my arm. I also have mini scars, still on my left arm, from when I got warts burnt off. I am not very proud of these particular scars and I feel reluctant to tell people what they are from so I tend to tell them they are cigarette burns. You should see some of the reactions I get. They are classic. The only ‘cool’ thing about these scars would be the fact that they form a flower like pattern.

When I was still in nursery school, I had a dream that still plays in my memory to this day. I dreamt that the sun I had drawn earlier that day in colouring in class had come alive. This could have been the sweetest little dream a little girl could have except for the fact that my sun started terrorising my nursery school playground. It was awful. My bad sun even cracked the playground in half and wouldn’t let anyone in the sandpit. The audacity! As you can imagine, this dream slowly turned into a nightmare of note. The weirdest part was that I dashed out from safety to rescue my friend in… wait for it… my mom’s wedding shoes. Out of all things. Anyways, I was completely convinced that my dream was real and that my sun had brainwashed everyone else’s mind so that they wouldn’t remember what had happened that fateful day on the playground. I made it my life’s mission to prove that my dream was real! Thank goodness I got wiser with age.

During my first year of primary school, I would cling around my mother’s leg everything morning before school like she was leaving and never returning to me again. I would only become brave enough to face ‘big school’ on my own once my best friend arrived. Oh, but how times have changed. My favourite souvenir from grade 1 is probably my grade 1 photo. As you can see, my forehead took up most of my face and my teeth would make Buggs Bunny jealous. 😛

In high school, I changed schools. This was probably the best thing my parents have ever done for me – besides conceiving me that is. I loved high school. If I have any advice for current high schoolers it would be to make the absolute best of it. Take advantage of every sports day or funday or show that your school hosts. Those times will be amongst the best when you look back on your high school career.

Enough about that. Here are some random facts about me:

My front teeth are 13mm long (hence the bunny teeth). My friend and I were super bored in Biology one day and found much amusement in measuring our teeth.

I have a birth mark that was only discovered at the age of 11 due to the fact that fellow swimmers of mine thought I had a stubborn patch of dirt on my neck. The birth mark disappears when I am tanned.

I have made provincials 4 times for swimming. I stopped swimming last year and I am currently working as a swimming coach.

My chin is my least favourite feature.

I bite my nails. This has got to be one of my worst, if not my worst habit.

The weirdest compliment I have ever received was in the 9th grade 9 when some random girl told me my eyes look like the earth outside the school bathrooms.

The weirdest nickname I have ever been giving is “iron buns”. I am very grateful that it didn’t stick for very long.

I yawn when I cry. No seriously. The tears literally roll down my cheeks. It is the most annoying thing. I would be sitting in maths class on a Monday morning, yawning like every other student in my class, except I was only the one who was asked “what’s wrong” constantly.

So I guess you could say that that is me in a nut shell.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave comments.

Be true. Be you.*




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