Liberate my Soul.

Liberate my soul

The needle falls to the ground. She looks up at her reflexion. Her tears gently caress her cheeks. She has done it again. The poison races through her veins.

The room starts dancing around her, warping its walls and swaying from side to side. The corners of her mouth curl upwards. The feeling of bliss takes over and consumes her pain. The drug tip toes through her naked body, bringing a tantalising touch of light to all the dark memories that fill her helpless mind.  As she turns her head over her right shoulder, she remembers all the past torments that have ever so religiously haunted her. She is safe here. The man with the scarred face can’t get her here. This state of limbo is what she now lives for. Laughter involuntary overflows from her cracked lips. She misses the girl she now sees in the mirror – the happy girl, the pretty girl, the loved girl with a sparkle in her eyes.

Suddenly, without warning, every fibre in her body tenses, twisting her out of shape as agony engulfs her. Her breath stops cold. She slowly moves her hands to her neck, desperately gasping for air. Something is clenching her throat. It won’t let go. Her body convulses forward in a single sharp motion as a vain attempt to get free.  The lack of air is sending her down into that dark place again. Through her watering eyes, she can see her dad’s murderer strangling her reflexion in the mirror. Weakness is all she knows at this moment.

Is there no guardian angel to save her?

The thumping in her head wakes her. She is alive. The pulse of her heart, which is heavy with sorrow and neglect, slowly starts to degenerate. Her veins start to burn, paralysing her.The needle has run dry. Her next hit; she needs her next hit! She tries to scramble to her feet in a panic. Where will she get her next hit? The darkness from within starts to spill from her mouth as all her sins start closing in on her. She vomits black. Blood replaces the tears. All her efforts are concentrated into walking a few steps towards the doors but instead she finds herself on her knees. Her neck snaps towards the left, and then towards the right. Finally her neck snaps back, breaking it.

The black vomit turns into light – a blinding light. Time stops.

She looks down at her body. She is free. After all her suffering, she is finally free! The spirit extends its hand and slowing brushes across the cheek of the bruise, lifeless body below.  Just like before, the spirit smiles but this time her smile is real. It comes from within.  It is warm, genuine and beautiful. As the reins of society crumble around her corpse, the spirit takes one last glance at the cruel world that had once broken her. The sound of soft, joyous music is heard from afar.

The spirit looks over her right shoulder and turns, heading towards the open arms of her father as he waits with love and acceptance.


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