I made a Piñata baby!


Just in case you cannot read the black writing on my ever so glorious piñata, it says: “THE BIG APPLE BITCH!” I though this was very clever of me considering I made this for a friend who was moving to NYC. *Pats self on back*

So you can see in my poor quality photo (for which I do apologise), I am quite please with how my VERY FIRST attempt at a piñata came out.

I would like to take this opportunity to brag a bit. I made this bad boy in a mere 3 days. What?! But that is CRAZY! How on earth did you get this master piece to dry in just 3 days!?

The answer is simple. I am forever indebted to the individual who invented the hair dryer. I kid you not. I sat along side my pride and joy for a good hour or two – blow drying it. Like non stop.

After all my sweat, pain and countless efforts, I managed to destroy my piñata in one single swing of some other kind of bizarre kitchen utensil.

Was it worth? Oooooh yeah! Can anyone say sweets galore?

For tips on how to make your very own piñata, don’t ask me. I think I will leave this one to google. 😉




3 responses to “I made a Piñata baby!

    • I am some what honoured that you took the time and effort to google what a piñata is. I hope I have introduced you to something worth while. Of course it was filled with yummy goodies! Okay, I must admit. I was half filled with yummy goodies – I ate most of the sweets whiles making the piñata. Tehe. 😛

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