Oh, strange man, who are you?

Oh, strange man, who are you 2

From nowhere, you have been introduced into my life.
I know not who you are, where you are from or where you are going.
Your presence has left me confused.
My mind is full of questions.
My heart is searching for answers.
How do I react to you?
How do I treat you?
Someone, oh someone please, give me advise.
I honestly haven’t the slightest clue on what to do.
Please, even a simple suggestion with suffice.
How long have you been waiting in my father’s shadows?
How often have you shot him my the back with your arrows?
My mind is troubled and my world has been flipped.
Yet, there you are, acting ever so whipped.
So, dear stranger, how do I go about you?
Please tell me.
Because in my eyes, all that you represent is unfaithful and untrue.
I guess only time will tell if I learn to accept you.

By Angelique Delamere


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