Creative Juices! Please don’t leave me!

Creative Juices! Please dont leave me!

I had the greatest intention to tell you about my first flat tyre and all the adventures thereof but I can’t. I just can’t. As I write this, I am sitting in a conference. I want to poke my eye balls out – with rusted spoons. I literally couldn’t be more bored. I thought I would be clever and write whiles waiting for something exciting to happen but all these mono-toned lectures are draining my soul. I feel as though my creativity is slowly being sucked from my body. I have even tried blocking my ears – in a ‘secrete’ manner – to prolong the death of my creativity but my attempts were in vein.

The moral of the story is that you will just have to watch this space for my thrilling, grease covered, woman empowering story because you aint gonna get much out of me while I am in this state of hair eating boredom.

I made an observation whiles trying to keep my mind alive. I just had to share: They – as in these conference people – have supplied us with sweets. Why would I be complaining? Who doesn’t love sweets? Besides the on-going paper ruffling and tit creating masticating sounds that surrounds me, I believe that these sweets were ‘cleverly ’plotted on our tables as (yet another) vein attempt to distract us from our these murderous lectures. Talk about preposterous! These sneaky blighters thought they could fool me… pfft! They thought wrong.

So there you have it. That was my rant for the day – not that I rant everyday (that would be awful for my wellbeing and calm state of mind).

Anyways, I hope your day was A LOT better than mine. Feel free to share your glorious weekend adventures with me. God knows my heart needs it.




8 responses to “Creative Juices! Please don’t leave me!

  1. I hope they let you out in time for Eurovision tonight Angie? That’s my weekend summed up really, Eurovision, BBC1, Graham Norton, voting, la la la la la, a few mates, plenty of drinks, oh and a party. You are very welcome to join us, but please don’t bring those pesky conference people.
    P.S you can bring some of the sweets if you like?

  2. Hey crazy girl. I think my brain has been turned to mush after so many of these lectures/workshops. The way I avoided brain-mush was to attend the sessions with my head wrapped in metal foil as it reflects all bullshit. Try it. You may get some funny looks, but only for the first hour until all the “lookers” brains turn to liquid …

    • My word. You are a genius! Why didn’t I think of that!?!?
      You should consider selling this bullshit reflecting method for some cash moneys.
      Step aside Bill Gates, Andy Lewis is on his way to the top! 😛

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