A letter to my inspiration.


Dear Daddy,

Just like every other year since you were shot, I thank my lucky stars that I still have someone as strong and truly wonderful as you to run to when times get tough.

I remember the incident as though it was yesterday. I remember finding you bleeding on the lounge floor. I remember shaking at the sight of you – all beaten and bruised. I remember holding your hand. I remember you struggling to breathe. But most importantly, I remember the way YOU bravely reassured ME that you weren’t going to die after I had pleaded with you not to. It takes true strength of character to comfort someone else whiles in pieces yourselves and for that, I am eternally grateful.

You taught me that no matter how big, bad or ugly the curve balls are that life may throw in my direction, a positive attitude and a determined mind can overcome anything. It was because of those six little words, “I am not going to die”, that I was able to keep strong for Mom and Timmy.

Yes, we may not be the riches or most glamorous family out there but I would rather be able to hug you than live without my hero in a huge, empty house.

For your bravery and strength, I shall forever celebrate your presence and appreciate all that you are still able do to for me, no matter how big or small.

I am blessed to call you, a truly courageous and marvellous human being, my father.

I love you daddy, with all my heart.

Forever and always,




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