Writers block: Every writers worst nightmare

A dear friend of mine once told me that have nothing to write about is in actual fact something to write about. It can’t be normal for me to be suffering from the dreaded writers block this early in my blogging career. The bottle in which my creative juices are contained is suffering from a draught. I thought I would heaps to share with the world. I probably do. The only problem is that half of it is utter rubbish and the other half portrays me as a demented psychopath. Granted, the dark, deep stuff can result in quite the interesting read but causing people to think things like “This girl needs TARA” or “And I thought I was fucked up” due to my use of words and expressions isn’t exactly my goal in life. However, do not let this alarm you, my dear blog readers. I have no plans of throwing in the towel and retiring any time soon. Rest assured, there is light at the end of my dark, dry, demented tunnel.


I feel as though this picture is the perfect representation of what writers block does to my mind.

Until we meet again.




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