There is no better stage than a SHOWER.

Admit it. There is no better place than a shower. There is just something majestic about those soft water droplets raining over your body, praising you in all your glory.

Where else can you completely let go, sing on top of your lungs and *PERFORM*!?


Shame on you if you haven’t let your inner Beyoncé come to life yet while scrubbing away.

I mean, I know bathing can be relaxing and all – especially if there are bubbles and candles involved – but who wants to bath in their own dirty and soak up what is meant to be washed off? Can you picture someone standing up in a bathtub – with only their feet protected by the warmth of the water – whiles grooving and shaking about to some golden oldies? It is just not right. Where is the drama in that? How on earth are you supposed to pretend you are a lost in a forest during a massive thunderstorm, desperately searching for your lover whiles singing a tragic melody in a bath tub? It’s ridiculous.

However, on a more serious note, we ALL know that each and every single big ass life decision is made in the shower. Call me crazy but I find it impossible to think about world domination in the bath. All my energy is concentrated into trying to prevent the bath water from cooling too quickly.

My thoughts in a bathtub are as follows: ”Is it time to add more hot water yet?”, “ I wonder if I’ll keep warmer for longer if I place a wet face cloth over my belly?”, “Time to transform myself into a polar bear. Bring on the bubbles!” Yeah… It is sad.

No one, no matter how cool or clever you think you are, can make rational decisions whiles shivering in a bathtub. Next time someone makes a stupid decision, forgive them; it was probably made in a bathtub.

The bottom line is that showering is more fun. Hey, if you are lucky enough to shower with a friend and perform some duets (whiles saving water, might I add), good for you! You are doing it right. I approve of the methods you use to wash yourself. Keep up the good work.




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