Music can trick the mind

Have you ever wondered how certain music or songs can affect the way you think or speak? I have. I, therefore, decided the write a different paragraph for each song on the album ‘The 2nd Law’ by ‘Muse’ to put my wonder to the test:



Your heart beats. It starts to pound faster and faster. You feel as though you are a movie star walking away from a blowing up car in slow motion whiles wearing a tight leather suit that is secretly hiding multiple knives and guns. Won’t that be nice? I guess we all have an ‘alter ego’, if I may, waiting to be set free. I have gone through many ‘personality’ stages in my life. I had my gangster stage, my emo-let’s-only-wear-black-clothing stage as well as my hippy stage. I guess it is all part of finding yourselves but surely it also has the power to destroy who you really are? I use to think I had to dress a certain way to be accepted but a certain stereotypical groups so I changed myself in order to fit in. Luckily I have reached that (hopefully everlasting) phase where I couldn’t care less about which group I fall under or how others perceive me. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good dress up session now and then but I want to live my life, no matter how sweet the lives of others may appear. I don’t regret my experimental phases but I am glad I am over them.


There is no denying that letting your mind wonder can be a very daunting task. I just don’t understand why people feel as though they have to be prisoned by what others expect of them. Yes, there are things such as morals and values but is standing up for what you believe in not just as important? We let society and its predetermined thoughts of what is wrong and right control our actions and behaviours. You cannot deny that society as a whole brainwashes us of our creativity and uniqueness. We have all been lectured from a young age on how we should act, speak, dress, live our lifes… the list goes on. It is madness.

‘Panic Station’

I love speaking my mind. I live for the feeling of the moment. If you are angry, feel angry. Embrace the anger; live it, smell it, taste it. Let it take over your entire being as your breath it in, letting it penetrate through all the veins within your body. But then let it go. If you are over taken by lust, give in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should partake in affairs. Respect is still a vital element, no matter what society dictates about it. Don’t make out with every Tom, Dick or Harry either. You can’t help the attraction you feel towards someone. If the moment presents itself, indulge. Kiss someone out of passion. Bite their lip and lose your mind.



Life is best lived with a hint of danger. Where is the fun in being safe all the time? I have always believed that I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Sure, I haven’t been sky diving, nor have I gone deep sea diving with sharks but it is the simple things in life that thrill me- like running around topless across my high school sports field in the middle of the night or secretly skinny dipping with my best friend whiles everyone else is inside, watching TV. I can’t explain the energy I feel after breaking the rules. Who gives a fuck if I get caught? I have. Luckily I am smart enough to think quickly on my feet and get out of sticky situations without suffering any severe consequences.


Life can be seen as an opera. If you don’t let go and let your voice express how you are feeling as well as you desires, no one will want to watch you and be a part of what you represent. Imagine a little ballerina prancing across a huge stage, in front a huge audience, with a half-hearted spring in her step. People will easily lose interest . You are your very own script writer/ director to your very own play known as ‘Life’. Do what you want. See who you want. Go where you want. If you don’t find your life exciting, how is anyone else supposed to? You sell yourself to the world (and by that I don’t mean let’s all forget to put on our undies and become prostitutes). People are going to talk whether you are doing good or bad so give them something to talk about. Amuse their otherwise boring, helpless minds with your marvellous adventures and free spirited ways. Be that person pushing all the boundaries. Be the one living for now. Live your dreams whiles others need to sleep to get a glimpse of theirs. Go out with a bang.

‘Follow Me’

Take time to reflect on what you desire. Try meditating. You honestly have nothing to lose. Be brave in life. Sometimes just staring at your reflexion in the mirror can be more daunting that any physical pain. Live in the state of a natural high but stay grounded to your true inner being. Only you know what is best for you. Trust yourself to make the best decision for yourself in that moment. Never regret something that once made you happy. Except drugs and unprotected sex – you would just be screwing yourself over in the long run. Your mind knows itself best. Listen to what your body truly wants. Let yourself guide you. Your soul is the most important thing to you. Nurture it. Believe in what it is telling you. Feel it. Go where it takes you.


Sooner or later you will come to a cross road in your life. Let us take a ‘fatal’ car accident for example. Your life flashes before your eyes as an oncoming car smashes straight into you. When that bright light presents itself and time stands…. That is indeed the time where you have to choose whether you will survive or not. Would you have created a beautiful enough life to fight for it or will dying be the easy way out? You would never give up on something that is wholesome and blissful. Make sure that something is your life. On that note, don’t fear death. No one knows when they will die. Yes, you may be fatally ill with only 5 months to live (according to a doctor) but what is stopping someone from crashing into you whiles you drive to the hospital for a check-up. Will you be satisfied and proud of the life you leave behind? Of your legacy?


Dance in the glory of love. Love makes the world go round. Everyone is searching for that special someone who completes them. The key is to truly love and accepted yourself for who your really are before you can completely give yourself to another being. Flaws included. It is a person’s flaws that make them truly unique and beautiful and it is a true lover who can accept them and adore them for these flaws. You have to free yourself of your own personal judgements before you can expect the same from the world in general. Yes, we all have our own inner wars that are slowly killing us but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome our self-loathing and experience the sweet taste of victory. Life is best lived when free – free of pressures and judgement. We all want to be free. We all dream of finding that place where we truly belong and feel at home. We all want our souls to be liberated of all hate and judgement. I personally have always had the feeling that I was born into the wrong era or in the wrong galaxy. I use to believe I was a spy from another universe sent to earth to achieve some unknown greater good and report back to my fellow supernatural specie about this giant rock known we live on. I do believe I am not the only one who feels this way. Do you belong here? Don’t be scared to say no. Maybe love can help you feel as though you are where you are meant to be….

‘Big Freeze’

I have always had a yearning to run across a desert barefoot in a white, flowy, knee length dress, screaming at the top of my lungs as the sun kisses the earths edge. One day I will live this fantasy. Have you ever completely let go of your body as music blears into your ears? Have you ever experience a high without having to intoxicate yourself? Your imagination is more powerful than you would like to admit. You mind can be such a dark place. Have you ever had the courage to escape reality and play in your thoughts? It is blissful. You learn a lot about yourself. People fear their own power and greatness. Imagine what you could achieve if you just let go and embraced your full capability? Sure, I might sounds sadistic but we all have a little evil inside of us. Embrace it but let the light shine from the inside out. No one says your have to murder or rape to embrace your evil; just understand what you are capable of. With this being said, be strong enough to choose the positive and live with a happiness so strong and pure that it radiates onto everyone around you, making their lives that much better.

‘Save Me’

I’m sure I’m not the only one but have you ever wished you could see the dead or talk to ghosts? I believe in all this supernatural stuff and quite frankly, it scares the living shit out of me. They say ignorance is bliss but my curiosity often leaves me feeling shaken. I want to know about this stuff – the angels, the demons, my great gran whom I know minimal about. Humans cannot be that great that we are the only beings or energies in existence. I have had experiences where I have felt as though I have left my body. Strangely enough, it often happens when I am in contact with water. It is freaking awesome but it couldn’t scare me more. If I can leave my body, what the hell has the power to enter it? There is so much out there that we choose to turn a blind eye to due to fear. Fear is the root of all evil. I was told so is assuming. I don’t understand why people let fear rule their lives. Yes, crime is a very present reality but why should it hold you back from desired adventures?

‘Liquid State’

I have been lucky enough to never have experienced a secure or a stroke but that must also be some other kind of out of this world experience. My parents have always been sceptical about buying me a motor bike. They know I only want one because it brings me that much closer to death. For some odd reason, the thought excites me. I guess it links to the adrenaline thing. Thank the pope they love me and have chosen to protect me against my own potential addictions (not that I am addicted to death). I would say it is more that feeling of being alive, the feeling of my blood racing through my veins, that has got me hooked. I have always been curious in trying drugs just to see what it would feel like. I haven’t… and I probably never will. I don’t want to harm myself in that way. Ironic isn’t it? I guess people also yearn to harm themselves to see who really cares for them and who will truly stick beside them through the thick and thin.

‘The 2nd Law: Unsustainable’

All relationships are tested. It is only during the tough times that you find out who is really there for you. Yes, technology has helped us socially and brings us joy and information but who the fuck wants to be hugged by a mobile device whiles strapped to life support machines left, right and centre? Compassion and love is desired by all. Your phone will never be able to love you back or sympathise with your wounds. The pulse of a person on your skin is an amazing feeling. The feeling of skin on skin is also a sensation that no future housekeeping robot will be able to give you.

The 2nd Law: Isolated system’

We cannot deny that technology has helped us develop as a human race but it sure as hell has doomed us as well. When was the last time you wrote your loved one a letter on a piece of paper? I challenge you guys to live without your phone, laptop and ipad for a week. I know what you are thinking: How will I do my emails? I will I let someone know I am safe or contact someone if I am in trouble? How will I entertain myself on the toilet? We have become so dependent on technology that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves or how to create new ways of expanding instinctively, if that makes any sense? We are all so brainwashed. It saddens me to think that I would also struggle to go a week without any form of technology due to responsibilities like work and the responsibilities I have towards my family and friends. We fear being alone or isolated in this system created by technology.

Reading back on what I had written was a bit of an odd task. I came up with some really good points but on the other hand, some of the things I said where beyond absurd. My writing was bizarre and contained a few contradictions here and there. I think it is safe to conclude that what you listen to truly does affect your thoughts and mood. Creativity is a marvellous things but it can be influenced in the slightest of ways. I guess what I am trying to say is that you should be careful of what external forces are influencing you when making important decisions.

“You define yourself by what you do when the doing is not a job, rather a fire within yourself. The greatest tragedy the world has ever told you is that you should be like someone else. You are what no other soul is, and those words alone should decorate your mind until your body falls to pieces” – Christopher Poindexter

I hope this intrigued you as much as it intrigued me.





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