What does happiness mean to you?


There is no denying that the past 3 weeks have been anything but joyous for me. You tend to gain some perspective on the things you want to achieve during the tough times. I guess we all need a kick in the ass now a then to release that we need to open our eyes, look at the bigger picture and do what makes us happy.

There is a trend doing the rounds called #100happydays. I have decided to join this new fad. I am currently on #day4 and things are looking up. I can’t promise 100 amazing adventures about how I concurred the world in 100 days but I can tell you that my life is going to get a whole lot better from here on out. Feel free to follow my daily #100happydays posts on Instagram: delamere0322 (Angelique Delamere).

The question ‘What makes you happy?’ has been taunting my mind for a few days now so I decided to blog something positive and write about the little pleasures in life:

1. The sun. Nothing makes a day more glorious than the warm, bright sun kissing your skin.
2. People. Yes, you get that occasional asshole out there but all in all, people are fascinating creatures. I find it exciting to get to know someone new. The weirder, the better. What is the point of knowing Sally, Jessica and Mary-Anne when they are all exactly the same?
3. Chocolates and cookies make my world go around. I will literally devour a packet of speckled eggs in 10 seconds flat. This one is a bit of a catch 22 though. Many speckled eggs = being a fatty.
4. My brother is my ray of sunshine. No matter how gloomy I am, he always manages to put a smile on my face. Everyone needs someone amazing like this for those blue days.
5. Singing out loud. I must confess, I have an awful voice and I often mess up the lyrics but so what. The louder the better. Hells bells, why not have a one man party and jam to your tunes whiles disco dancing naked in your shower? Fear not, the judgement from thou deceased ancestors glaring upon thou nude bathing body shall not harm thy soul.
6. Making other people smile does wonders for your own blissful state. Happiness is better when shared.
7. The list goes on.

Yes, my examples may be silly or obvious but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why I am happy. I just want to be happy.

I have also decided that I want to go to Thailand. Mark my words, by the end of this year, I will have been there and lived a marvellous adventure. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. It is your life so live it the way you want. The only person truly capable of holding you back is YOU.

Now for the challenge: Join me in my #100happydays by letting me know what makes you happy. Comments will be shared so take advantage of this moment and have your 2 minutes of fame! 😛

You will only regret the opportunities you didn’t take.



4 responses to “What does happiness mean to you?

  1. Sunday afternoons spent sitting under a tree, and between a pair of headphones.
    There’s nothing like some Bach, Miles Davis or Muse on a Sunday….there’s that sense of carefree wonder.

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