What do girls find attractive?


Dear boys,

A couple of weeks ago I helped the ladies out and wrote about what guys find attractive. Well gents, this one is for you.

“Men are magical creatures, but like a dangerous magical. Their existence tends to mess with our minds but that in itself is hot as hell” – Pia Plank

So, what is it that gets us ladies going?

RESPECT! No girl truly wants to be your bitch or hoe. If you want your girl to stay, treat her the way any human being deserves to be treated. Another thing, if she isn’t sucking your gun, don’t assume she is immature. Maybe you are doing something wrong.

“A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.”

Another great trait to add onto being respectful is chivalry. No seriously, it really isn’t that hard to let your lady walk through the door first. I have been with my man for 7 months and he still steps aside and lets me walk through the door first. You have got to keep it classy. Consistency is also a must. Having manners just to get into someone’s pants isn’t something to be proud of.

Trust and honesty – this goes for both girls and guys. Both of these qualities are very important in a strong, successful relationship. This means no lies, no cheating and no blackmailing. Gents, if your lady happens to send you a kinky photo, keep it to yourself.

As to be expected, a sense of humour is a win! Every girl likes a boy who can make her laugh. This goes hand in hand with being fun and goofy. One of the biggest turn ons for us ladies is a boy who isn’t scared to play around and be silly. Stay young at heart. Even a good teasing now and then can do the trick.

If a boy is intelligent, has ambition and can hold a conversation, he is a keeper. Yes, having swag is cute and all but it won’t pay the bills. Having swag or having class is what separates the boys from the men. A passionate, CONFIDENT man is also a huge bonus. Being comfortable in your own skin is enough to attract any woman to you.  Charm is also a good thing to have in your corner as long as you don’t abuse it

Girls love boys who can keep the flame burning. No one expects you to fly her to Paris every other weekend – leave a note in her locker, randomly bring her a rose, cook her dinner. It is the small things that get us ladies singing inside.  Even a simple “thinking of you” or cracking an inside joke can do the trick. Life is supposed to been exciting! Keep your lady guessing as to what it is that you are going to do next.

Hygiene is also a biggy. There is just something knee-wobbling about a boy who smells good. Being a good dresser is also an excellent trait to have. If you guys expect us girls to look good when we go out, it is only fair for you guys to live up to your own standards.

A few other odd things include hugs from behind (for some reason, females love this), a defined jaw line and a beer breath.

Things that I personally find attractive:

The way my boyfriend looks at me. He has this certain look that he gives me and it just drives me crazy. His eyes twinkle and stuff. Every girl wants to be looked at as though she is the only thing in the world that matters.

The way a boy’s hair looks after he has showered or messy bed hair. Need I say more?

When a boy is playful and isn’t afraid to tease me or play fight with me. Girls like someone who can challenge them. A little healthy competition is always fun.

MUSICIANS! Oh habba habba. Being able to play an instrument or sing has got to be the biggest turn on ever! If there was ever a way to win a girl over and melt her heart, this is it. Let us be for real, no one would complain if someone wrote a song about them.

Just remember, yes you may be attractive, but are you attractive to her? It is very important to be with someone who is attractive to you. Who cares whether other people find him/ her attractive or not?

Now, for those not so sexy things:

Bad hygiene – talking to someone with a bad breath is almost torturous. No one wants to know what you ate for dinner last night. Greasy hair is also a no no. There is nothing worse than running your hands through a boys hair and having enough oil to deep fry some chips afterwards. When people have spit in the corner of their months also isn’t exactly wanted.

I was told that man boobs are anything but attractive so men should gym chest first. This comment assumed me.  This also ties in with being a steroid junkie. Yes, you want to be big. We get that. But you also have to understand that it isn’t exactly a big turn on. It is like a girl getting a boob job and bragging about her perky doubles D’s.

Monobrows –  there is no shame in asking your sister to pluck those caterpillars. Taking pride in your appearance is a must for everyone.

One of the most disgusting things a boy can do is ask for dirty photos over the phone. Sure, if it is with your boyfriend/ girlfriend and you guys trust each other, don’t let me stop you but if a random boy asks for a dirty picture, he is digging his own grave. That goes for you as well ladies. People get bored if the chase is too easy. Make them work for it.

Another thing that doesn’t really sit well with us ladies is a boy who wears more makeup than us or has longer hair than us. Yes, we all know there are ‘pretty boys’ out there but this is just next level awkward.

ARROGANCE. Oh hell no. No one wants to willingly hang around a boy, or anyone is general, who thinks too much of themselves. Yes, we are all beautiful in our own way but there is a limit when it comes to bragging rights. Boys who think they are better than us ladies or that we NEED them also don’t exactly tickle our fancy. Sure, some girls like the male to be dominant but no one really needs a love interest to survive.

I asked some of my close friends what their thoughts were on the following:

Facial hair:

“Oh my god yes, show me you are a man.”– Pia Plank

“A go-tee can be pretty sexy but just remember you aren’t a goat! Keep it trimmed. I’m not a big fan of beards and moustaches and for some reason a lot of people hate the whole side burn thing but it doesn’t generally bug me. Excessive hair looks scruffy which is a turn off. If your hair grows out patchy, be sure to shave because there is nothing more amusing.” – Natasha Bowen

“Facial hair is fine as long as it is just stubble. No one wants to date a grizzly bear.” – Hayley Mudge

“I personally am attracted to men with facial hair. I am not entirely sure as to why, maybe because it is rugged and ‘manly’, for want of a better word.” – Jessica Wright

“Stubble makes a guy more attractive” – Tarynn Hill

Personally, I think stubble can be very sexy but there is nothing wrong with a man with a cleanly shaven face.


‘Yes! It shows he’s not afraid of pain.” – Pia Plank

“Tattoos aren’t bad but they can cause trouble with winning parents approval. If you get a tattoo, avoid colour because it looks very gay. The sexiest tattoos are the ones that go with the contour of muscles.” – Natasha Bowen

“Tattoos are cool as long as they are not dumb. I am personally not a fan of sleeves.” – Hayley Mudge

“I am attracted to tattoos, not too many, but it isn’t a deal breaker. I like with or without.” – Jessica Wright

I don’t mind tattoos as long as they have a sentimental meaning to the person and as long as they aren’t all up in my face. I can’t see myself loving a tattoo someone got on their forehead because they lost a bet.

Body types:

“Big muscles are always good because all I think about when I see big muscles is his ability to make me get lost in his arms.” – Pia Plank

“You don’t have to be huge but work on being tones and filling out your chest. There is nothing better than feeling secure in his arms so maintain that figure.” – Natasha Bowen

“Body type isn’t a huge issue. It is probably best to keep healthy and look healthy. On a side note, looking like a steroid junkie is neither attractive nor is it healthy looking.” – Hayley Mudge

“I prefer a tall, slender build with more definition compared to huge muscles.” – Jessica Wright

“His body must be in proportion.” – Tarynn Hill

A toned, tall man is enough to get me staring. Yes, I would like my man to have more muscle than me but he doesn’t have to have more muscle than me as well as the rest of the world. A tan also helps. Every boy has a different body type. As long as he makes the best of what he has got, he can’t go wrong.

As you can see, different girls prefer different things. The best thing to do is quit the guessing and just ask your lady straight.

I hope this has helped.

Feel free to give me any feedback.




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